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Welcome to SpokeGuards, where we design Fashion for Wheelchairs.

Please take your time to browse through our pages and our designs, we are here to imagine with you. Our designs are all customer led; we don’t just say to the customer, “here are our designs and which one would you like?” We say, here are some ideas, “and what ideas do you have?”

We will follow your lead and produce a design that is your idea, or you can leave it all to us. We have produced photo collages from 50 or so individual family photographs and had two separate collages for both sides of the wheelchair. We have produced designs from photographs of family pets from horses to snakes, we can imagine together.
If you have any special requirements, please give us a call, we can accommodate most ideas. We can add names or text to any design you see, or we can change background colours to fit your own specific colour scheme, just give us a call and we can talk about it.

A small word of caution, if you require a design which uses a copyright image e.g. Disney images, we will have to approach the copyright holder and request approval. This may be quick or it may take some time, we have experience of both.

SpokeGuards Assembly

SpokeGuards Assembly

SpokeGuards are held in place by clips stuck to the back of the cover, and held on the spokes of the wheel by bands fitted to the clips. Full Covers have an additional plastic ‘doughnut’ which fixes to the spokes in the same way and the full cover attaches to the ‘doughnut’ with pieces of high strength Velcro. Read more here…

VAT Explained...

VAT Explained

Confused about VAT? SpokeGuards are zero rated for VAT because they are qualified as: “Other equipment and appliances ‘designed solely’ for use by a disabled person.” find out more…

VAT Explained Simply

If a product, such as a pair for SpokeGuards will be used exclusively by a disabled person, VAT will not be charged by the seller of that product. However, HMRC need a statement from the buyer that the product will be used exclusively by a disabled person. That is why we request a VAT exemption form to be completed and returned by the buyer. Read more here… 

SpokeGuards Fitting Options

Standard fitting. SpokeGuards are 18” (450mm) diameter with a centre hole of 4” (104mm) to allow access to the axle hub to remove the wheel.

Full Cover fitting. SpokeGuards are 18” (450mm) diameter with no centre hole, it is a full cover. Underneath the full cover is a ‘doughnut’ with a centre hole of 10” (250mm). The full cover attaches to the doughnut with Velcro patches which enables the full cover to be removed and gives access to the axle hub to remove the wheel. Read more here…