Mike and Skulls SpokeGuards


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Mike and Skulls SpokeGuards

This Mike and Skulls SpokeGuards set comes with Standard Fitting or Full Cover Fitting.

Each Mike and Skulls SpokeGuards set is:

  • Made from High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)
  • Design printed on high specification vinyl medium and bonded to HIPS shell
  • All printed SpokeGuards are laminated
  • Each SpokeGuard is 18 inches (450mm) diameter
  • Each SpokeGuard has a central access hole of 4 inches (104mm) diameter
  • Each pair is supplied with 10 self-adhesive clips and 10 fastening bands
  • No nuts or bolts are used. No requirement for a fitting tool
  • Each pair supplied with Assembly Instructions
  • Price includes free shipping* to mainland United Kingdom.


SpokeGuards Standard Fitting

SpokeGuards Standard fitting

Mike and Skulls SpokeGuards standard fitting is sold in sets and is made from high impact polystyrene of 18” (450mm) diameter with a 4” (104mm) access hole in the centre.
One set is comprised of:

  1. Two printed and laminated spoke guards.
  2. Ten injection moulded clips.
  3. Ten locating bands
  4. Instruction sheet for home assembly.


SpokeGuards Full Cover Fitting

Mike and Skulls SpokeGuards Full Cover Fitting are sold in sets and are made from high impact polystyrene of 18” (450mm) diameter.

spokeguards full cover fitting

One set is comprised of:

  1. Two printed and laminated full cover spoke guards, no central hole.
  2. Two ‘doughnut’ spoke guards.
  3. Ten injection moulded clips.
  4. Ten locating bands.
  5. Four Dual Lock pads (part A).
  6. Four Dual Lock pads (part B).
  7. Instruction sheet for home assembly.


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Standard Fitting, Full Cover Fitting


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